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itude of respe●ctful and well-trained servants.▓ Such delicious breakfast—sausage, ●and hogshead cheese, and hominy, and b●uckwheat cakes, and honey and waffles, and m▓armalade, which mamma made from the orange●s which grew all round the piazza.And before▓ we got up from table, the dancing b●egan in the piazza, a fiddle playing the{●152} gayest jigs, with two heavy sticks

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ped from the time they b●egan in the morning, except whil

e we were at▓ meals, until ten o’clock at nigh▓t.The dancers would change, one set go home and● get their


dinner, while another took the flo●or.Fiddler, stick-knocker, all would change;● but the dance went on with the new set ▓just as gaily as with the first.And● this went

on more or less for three days, ▓for not a stroke of work was done during that● holiday except feeding the catt▓le, pigs, and sheep, and horses—just ▓three days of pure enjoyment and f▓u


n.Christmas night papa always set off b●eautiful fireworks with Nelson’s help●.This was a grand entertainment for all, w●hite and black.There was much feastin●

g at Christmas, for a beef and several ▓hogs were always killed and extra rati▓ons of sugar, coffee, molasses●, and flour were given out, and great q▓uant


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ibrary, and th●en
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n the breakfast and


ities of sweet potatoes.Altogeth●er, it was a joyful time. There▓ were three days at New Year to●o, and then the clothes were given out.▓ Maum Mary{153} began early in ●the morning after New Year’s Day to ▓bring out and pile in log-cabin fashion in the● piazza rolls of red flannel, rol▓ls of white homespun (u

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